Sunday, May 7, 2017

So Much to See and Do!

"I didn't know principals did so much walking!" This is what Alex told me when he was Principal for Half Day at Dryden. Well, when you are at an amazing school like Dryden where there are so many great things to see and do, there's good reason to be out and about! 

Principal Alex was the surprise Royal Reader for his first grade class. 

He also did a great job reading to the kindergarten students. 

We thank Facilities Operations Manager Mr. Bocek for giving us a behind-the-scenes tour of Dryden. What a great view from the roof!
We had a great turnout second annual STEAM Night. Families and staff enjoyed participating in a wide variety of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math activities. We thank our Advanced Learning Facilitator, Mrs. Wasik, for coordinating this wonderful event. 
Building a robot with Legos
It was fascinating to take apart old computers to see what was inside and learn how they worked.
What a neat opportunity to try painting concentric circles with a paint brush and a compass!
There were many details to explore as students looked at objects up-close with proscopes. 

These cup-stacking challenges prepare students for the logical thinking that goes into coding. 
These frames-and-arrows activities also resemble computer coding. 
Coding Bee-Bots to travel to the correct destination on the grid was a fun challenge!

The Arlington Heights Memorial Library brought Google Expedition. We got to explore the Great Barrier Reef and International Space Station as if we were really there!
It was impressive to see how far cotton balls could fly with the catapults that were built.
There was much laughter and discussion as individuals competed to see who could build the tallest structure out of pipe cleaners. 
Families tinkered and problem-solved to build robots that could create art. 

It was thrilling to build a giant forest out of rolled-up newspaper and masking tape. We figured out how to make the structures balance and stand.
Families built marble runs along the wall with the goal of the marble landing in the cup. 
Participants in this station had to think carefully about how to remove an item from the tower without letting tower collapse. 
It was mind-blowing to learn how electrical currents travel through people bananas. This "bunch" made a real-sounding piano out of bananas! 
Such interesting structures and designs made by using Legos as stamps!

Please stop by the Arlington Heights Memorial Library this month. You will be amazed by the artwork on display at their 25th Annual District 25 Student Art Show. 

Thank you, Mrs. Fuglestad, for the amazing experiences you bring to our students!!!
Aaah! Spring! And that means Ultimate Frisbee Club at Dryden! 

 It's time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air!

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