Sunday, May 14, 2017

Everyday Heroes

There is a quote, "A true hero is not measured by the size of his strength, but by the size of his heart." That is so true! Here are some examples of how we see this in action at Dryden School:

Older students are developing a love for reading in our younger students.

Rolling Meadows High School Physics Department Chair, Jason English, went out of his way to come to Dryden and help some fourth grade students with their science experiment.

Technology Facilitator, Mrs. Frantz, works with students during the lunch hour and after school. Students are learning all about video production and animation processes. What a great way to express their creativity! 

Caring Club made animal homes for all the little critters who come to the Dryden courtyard.

5th Grade Band and the Kindergarteners performed their hearts out for their families and teachers. What joy their music brings!

Gertrude had her babies--nine ducklings in all!

As Gertrude made her way out of the courtyard, through the school and towards the little lake at the Moorings...

two of her ducklings fell into the sewer! Our hero, Mr. Bocek, rescued them. 

Then, our assistant principal, Mrs. Beane, escorted them to make sure they made it safely to their "lake home".  You can learn more about Gertrude and her journey in this video. We look forward to see her back at Dryden next spring! 

Ultimate Frisbee Club is underway! What a wonderful way to make the most of the beautiful spring weather. Thank you, Mr. Poliszczuk and Mr. Sobota, for sponsoring this fun club!

Ms. Szady and F.W. "Pop" Muller from the Arlington Heights Historical Museum visited Dryden. We enjoyed learning about Muller's soda pop business in Arlington Heights, and other interesting tidbits about his life and impact on our community. 

These fifth grade students took the initiative to research and create a proposal for reviving the butterfly garden in the courtyard! Stay tuned for updates...

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