Sunday, March 18, 2018

What Questions Do You Have?

Learning isn't always about finding the correct answer. Much of our most important learning begins with being able to ask good questions!  I love how this class is beginning their unit on poetry by asking and thinking about questions. 

Similarly, this fourth grade class began this math lesson by asking questions about the measurement of "leprechaun juice". 

What's happening here? Our fifth grade students participated in a Basketball Shoot-out Fundraiser to raise money for a special gift to the school. What would be a good gift for Dryden?

Why is everyone rollerskating? We had a great turnout and a great time at our PTA Family Skate Night! 

What does it take to be recognized for outstanding citizenship? Ask Lucy, her teachers and Major League Soccer Hall of Famer Brian McBride! Lucy was selected by our staff to be recognized at the Illinois Principal Association North Cook Region Student Recognition Breakfast last week. 

Brian McBride was the keynote speaker at the breakfast. He provided a motivating speech to the students about leadership, trust and integrity. 

What are these second grade students creating? They are working together as they research and create a mural of various Australian territories. This group is creating a mural of the Great Barrier Reef. 

Who wants to make a positive impact? This group does! How? By helping our school custodians! About a month ago, five students approached me and ASKED how they could help our school custodians. We ASKED Mr. Bob and Mr. Ron what we could do to help them. The students began organizing our Lost & Found and wiping scuff marks off the tiled floor. Other students ASKED if they could join this enthusiastic group. We now have a club, The Clean-Up Crew, of over 25 students! They are spreading a positive message for caring for our school facilities and grounds while helping our custodians. They are making a positive impact because they ASKED the right questions! I couldn't be more proud of them!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Purposeful Learning

Learners of all ages tend to be most motivated and engaged when they feel a deep sense of purpose of their learning and their work. 

The 4th & 5th Grade Book Club learned to make these beautiful handmade blankets that they are donating to the Cancer Care Center at Northwest Community Hospital, for patients who are receiving chemotherapy. 

The thoughts and details going into these posters are impressive! Students are making these posters to persuade their peers to read some great books. It's wonderful to see our students recommending books and encouraging each other to read!

When students identify and are aware of the essential questions they are striving to answer, they become more attentive and thoughtful as they research and learn new content. 

Science and math have been purposefully integrated into this art lesson. Students mixed colors, measured and drew geometric figures. 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Our Community Enriches Our Learning

We are very thankful for the enriching learning opportunities those in our community bring to our students at Dryden! Here are some highlights from just this past week alone:

Administrative Assistant Mrs. Sprenger connected this former Olympian with Dryden. Mrs. Sprenger's sister-in-law was on the United States Olympic Curling Team in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our third grade students have been researching the Winter Olympics.  It was such a meaningful opportunity for them to meet and interview an Olympian face-to-face!

Many parent volunteers made our PTA 4th/5th Grade Volleyball Night a big success. They help our students learn the values of teamwork, inclusivity and healthy choices in a fun, social setting. They also model the importance of volunteering and making a positive impact on your community. 

These local dentists provided a very entertaining and informative interactive presentation about dental health to our second grade students. This is a wonderful way for our students learn about the importance of their own dental hygiene as well as possible future careers in the field of dentistry.