Sunday, March 17, 2019

Feeling Lucky

On St. Patrick's Day and every day I feel so lucky to be a part of Dryden!

This past week, our staff hosted a Family Reading Night. We felt so lucky to see so many kids come to school in their jammies to enjoy some great books and activities by their favorite teachers. At Dryden we believe that an important key to students' growth in reading is to have a love of reading, and that love of reading starts with our teachers sharing their love of reading with students. 

It's always so rewarding to have our former Dolphins return to visit us. This week we were lucky to have a very special visit from a former Dolphin, who is now a student at Yale University. He brought his Yale a capella group to Dryden to perform for us. What wonderful entertainment and inspiration for us all!

We are also lucky to have such an awesome group of fifth grade students! They gave their best during the basketball shoot-out fundrasier, as their efforts result in a special legacy gift to Dryden - a beautiful picnic table for the courtyard! 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

March Onward!

With so much to learn and so much to enjoy, the month of March is going by quickly!

We thank the PTA for a super-fun 4th & 5th Grade Volleyball Night! And, we thank our PE teacher, Mr. Gries, for all the behind-the-scenes set-up and take-down. It's great to see students and families come together for this event. It's also great to be able to let off some steam indoors when the weather is too crummy to play outside. 

It's been wonderful to see the creative writing and book-making our students are doing. They are learning to organize their thoughts, map out and expand on their ideas, work collaboratively, utilize feedback and so much more as they work through the writing process!


Engaging in inquiry keeps science meaningful and interesting for our students. Rather than just telling students the facts, our teachers invite our students in sharing their background knowledge and ask questions. As students read and explore, they then reflect and document what they have learned, noting similarities and differences to their background knowledge and whether they were able to answer any of their original questions. 

Hands-on exploration and data-collection is another way our students are learning about science and making hypotheses about friction. Below, students measured distances of how far programmable Spheros traveled on different surfaces. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Caring,Creative Collaboration

It's always a treat to see people working together in such caring and creative ways at Dryden.

Students shared all kinds of reusable materials to make a marble run that went all the way across the LMC with the PTA Book Club. What a great accomplishment by working together!

The books read in PTA Book Club all had a STEM theme, and students had an opportunity to participate in a science activity at the end of each session. This group is making paper rockets.

It was super-fun for the students to launch them indoors!

These caring kindergarteners worked together to make a sweet treat of playdough cookies!

We enjoy the creative, caring collaboration of our morning announcement video production crew! They bring such great enthusiasm to their work and get our school off to a positive start every day! 

A student in this class started a production line of hand-made squishies. This class thought it would be fun to make and send squishies to their pen-pals in another school. They put a lot of care and detail into making a squishie that their pen-pal would like.  

It's exciting to see the students working on this all-school collaborative sticker mural in the LMC. I wonder what kind of picture will emerge in the coming days!

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Caring & Courageous

What a week of great care and courage by the Dryden Dolphins!
It was impressive to see the courage of our 5th grade band students at their concert performance! They were so in sync! They have come a long way since first beginning in the fall. 

It's always so great to see the care and attention our students put into learning about the things they are so personally interested in. This quiet student taught herself to play the piano. When she performed "Jingle Bells" for her class, her peers were so impressed. One classmate told her, "Your performance took my breath away!" Imagine the impact of this positive feedback on this student!

We thank the PTA for their care and courage to bring our families together by trying something new! There was a nice turnout and the children had fun with their friends at our first PTA family movie night. 

We are SUPER proud of our Environmental Committee for being so caring and courageous. They came up with, planned and campaigned for a Less Trash Bash for Dryden. During the Less Trash Bash, only 4 garbage cans were filled during the lunch hour instead of the typical 12. They surpassed their goal of cutting the amount of trash in half! We are so proud of this committee's leadership, our school community's participation and the positive impact this makes on the environment!

We are seeing the fruits of student writing opportunities that allow for greater student choice in what to write about. The two students below chose to write about how they met and became best friends, each story from their own perspective. Their stories are very heartwarming because they capture the feelings and empathy for being a newcomer to Dryden from another country. I'm so proud of these two students for their caring and courageous acts of friendship, for telling their story and for sharing some important life lessons for us all!


Monday, February 18, 2019

A Community That Cares

We had so much fun at our class Valentine parties thanks to the care of our PTA to plan such entertaining games and crafts for the students!

Thanks to the care of PTA Book Club volunteers, many students are enjoying enriching science experiments and related fiction books with a STEM theme. 


It's impressive to see the thought and care students put into solving math problems logically and accurately.  Our teachers put great care into posing challenging math problems with just enough scaffolded support and questioning for students to be engaged in "productive struggle" and experience the exhilaration of learning and success!


We know that our students are willing to put forth great effort and focus on learning about things they really care about. It was so powerful to see how hard this first grader was working at reading and writing about learning to ride a bike without training wheels. I'm confident she'll be ready for spring! :)

Our assistant principal, Mrs. Beane, cares about our students! She does an amazing job working with our TV production crew every morning as they prepare for live-streamed morning video announcements. 

I care about the kids in our school, too! I care about their learning and their friendships. I care that they are getting to and from school safely! I've been enjoying riding the school buses this month. It's been a wonderful opportunity to get to know more about the community and neighborhoods of our students. It's been wonderful to get to know our students better. It's been wonderful to get to know more about each bus driver. The bus drivers have been showing me that they know and care a lot about the kids, too!