Thursday, May 29, 2014

Super Science!

I'd like to thank state Science Olympian champions Danny and Patrick from South Middle School for sharing their experiences on the Science Olympiad team with all of our students this week. We learned about ways we can explore and have fun with our interests in science outside of the school day. They explained how scientists have to be creative, collaborative, persistent problem-solvers. They showed us that being a team player isn't just for sports athletes. In order to become state champions, Danny and Patrick had to make a commitment to work together cooperatively, remain focused on continuous improvement through challenges and use good communication with one another. All of our students were in awe of Danny and Patrick's accomplishments. We thank them for being such positive role models and sharing their passion for science!

Danny and Patrick designed and built a robot named "Fat Albert" with all kinds of interesting odds and ends they found around their house, such as a toilet brush, roller skate wheels and an empty milk carton. This robot was able to complete tasks of scooping, lifting and dumping. It even waved hello to the children!

Here is a photo of a rocket they built and launched. This rocket creation took Patrick to the national Science Olympiad championship!

This picture is a great reminder of what learning, science and success is all about. It's rarely as easy, direct and smooth-sailing as we originally plan and hope for it to be! However, as we learned from Danny and Patrick, teamwork, persistence, creative problem-solving, and remaining focused on our goals help us make it to the finish line successfully! 

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