Friday, May 23, 2014

The Celebrations Continue!

It was a special treat to attend this year's PTA/ABC25 Scholarship breakfast. Three former students from Dryden were among the scholarship recipients. Their speeches brought tears to everyone's eyes. A common theme among the students' speeches was that they attributed their success to their caring and dedicated teachers. Early in life their teachers taught them that it was okay to make mistakes, and helped them realize they could overcome failure by persisting at challenges. Their teachers effectively maintained very high expectations while providing a deeply caring, accepting and supportive environment. 

The outdoor learning space in our courtyard is looking great, thanks to the volunteer work of our local scouts.

Blue flowers were planted around the bridge to resemble water.

The butterfly garden was weeded and mulched.
Beautiful benches were hand-built and student-decorated stepping stones were installed. 

Butterflies were released. 

Students quickly were able to make great use of this space! We are so thankful!

Our fifth grade safety patrols enjoyed a special bowling outing to Pinstripes for their wonderful community service and leadership this year. We thank the PTA for sponsoring this special event. 

Second grade students were mesmerized by actors from the Metropolis Theater. The actors took the students' ideas and scripts and dramatized them on stage!

Afterwards, these talented actors answered students' questions. 

Fifth grade students gave an encore performance of their "Shooting Stars" dance at the special recognition we had for our superintendent, Dr. Jerome, who is retiring at the end of June. 

Dr. Jerome brought world language studies to the elementary schools, so we thanked her by saying "Thank You" in the 17 different languages represented by our students and staff. 

Our administrative assistant, Mrs. Lane, shared her artistic talents by drawing a beautiful caricature of Dr. Jerome with the district's WIRED acronym. 

A highlight of the assembly was watching the HAPPY video that the students and staff created. It really does celebrate the joyful, accepting environment the children experience at Dryden. 

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