Sunday, April 22, 2018

Power of Persuasion

These first grade students have been working on persuasive writing. After reading their letter, I not only have been thinking about how to lower our basketball hoops outside, but I have also been noticing how our students have been using their persuasive skills in other areas of their lives and making a very positive impact!

Our fifth grade students have persuaded many in our school to make a donation in order to provide a deserving child with a Starfish Scholarship to a family camp by the Children's Craniofacial Association.  

These fourth grade students persuaded me to start the Clean Up Crew Club. Now, look at how they are making a difference around Dryden! I think they collected over ten pounds of litter around our school grounds in just 20 minutes. Now, if we could just persuade Mother Nature to let the spring weather stay in the Chicago area!

Dryden Kindness Ambassadors and the Caring Club have been working on a "Kindness Rocks" campaign, persuading others to choose to be kind. I was tickled to find these on my desk one afternoon. 

 So many students, families and staff members participated in the ABC/25 Foundation's Just Move It! Challenge over the weekend. They are persuading me to get back into running because it can be so fun and good for your health!

These fifth grade students were honored to have a film that they created with Art Teacher Mrs. Fuglestad played on the big screen at the Screen Test Jr. Film Festival in Schaumburg. Student-created films from Arizona, Texas, Sweden and Canada were also presented. You can read more about the process and their journey here on Mrs. Fuglestad's blog. 
Through this beautiful collaboration, they can persuade many to develop a growth mindset, learn from mistakes and try their best. What power life lessons!

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