Friday, September 16, 2016

A WINning Team

As many in the Chicago area are celebrating the Cubs baseball team clinching the division title, we continue to celebrate the "WIN"nig Dryden team! 

"WIN" is an acronym that we use at Dryden in two different ways. The first acronym represents "What I Need".  Every grade level in our school has a protected block of "WIN" time where students have the opportunity to work on their specific learning goals without having to miss any new  instruction. During "WIN" time, students might participate in interventions, enrichment, special services or work on personalized learning projects. 

The second acronym for WIN represents "What's Important Now?"  By regularly reflecting on this question, we can identify and feel confident about our school's priorities. So, what is important now, during our first month of school? Here are a few things...

Finding "just right" books to read--books that spark our interest and stimulate our thinking

Building a classroom community where students feel safe taking on challenges and being themselves. 

Developing cooperative, caring relationships so that students can successfully and joyfully learn from one another.

Making the most of life's surprises, and having fun!!

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