Thursday, October 2, 2014

So Many Ways to Learn!

At Dryden, we recognize that children have many different learning styles and preferences. We strive to understand how each individual best learns and provide diverse, rich learning opportunities for all children.

Some students learn best through role-playing and dramatization.

Experiential learning through field trips and simulations helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of the topic being studied. 

Learning is social. We learn so much through our discussions and interactions with one another. 

Deep learning often requires calm, quiet, uninterrupted space and time to concentrate, reflect and process new information. 

Direct instruction and modeling from the teacher is an important way to present and share new skills before students attempt to practice and apply their learning independently.

Learning more about self-selected topics is highly motivating. Learners tend to persist with more challenging material when the content is of personal interest. 

Kinesthetic (hands-on) and visual learning strengthens our understanding of new concepts. We need more than just text and verbal instruction to do our best learning. 

How does your child learn best? How do you nurture their curiosity and support their learning interests? How do you give them the time and space to learn and grow? 

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