Friday, October 24, 2014

A Very Special Week

Second Grade sang their hearts out Tuesday evening at their musical performance, A Tribute to Music. It was a delightful evening for the children to showcase their flare for singing, dancing, public speaking, kazoo-playing and rocking out!

A huge shout out to all who made Character Counts Week a big success! Our school mascot, Echo the Dolphin, was such a friendly, fashionable reminder of each character pillar. Each day's wave of color that we all wore conveyed a powerful message of school unity. The beautiful chalk drawings and focus on healthy choices in the lunchroom and at recess were inspirational. The morning messages by the Student Council started each day on a very positive note. 

The classroom discussions that took place about bully prevention are a wonderful support for our students when they are in or see someone in a sticky situation. It's important to take the time to have these discussions, and to practice and rehearse these strategies not just this week but throughout the school year.  It is well worth it, especially knowing we can actively work to prevent the bully-victim cycle.

Fall just wouldn't be the same without pumpkins! Our first graders were delightfully surprised to see the pumpkin patch as they arrived at school early Monday morning. They completed a number of math and science activities, then with the help of many volunteers and family members creatively carved their pumpkins.

On a final note, THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS to our WONDERFUL PTA. The Dryden PTA was recognized Monday night at a regional council dinner. They received two plaques for programming and membership. How reflective this is of the enriching clubs, special events and resources they provide our students.

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