Friday, June 21, 2013

A Great Start to the Summer!

Even though school has officially let out for summer, there are still many special things going on here. Several of our staff have been participating in curriculum and professional development in science, literacy,  technology and language acquisition.

It's also been great to see many Dryden students and teachers participating in the Summer U programs at South Middle School:

Joe showed me his awesome insect box. He added a banana peel, peanut butter, sugar, dirt, sticks, leaves and grass to attract insects. I wonder what he'll find!

Danny is demonstrating how to use the catapult he created for a play in the "Booktivities" class. 

Summer is a great time to strengthen literacy skills.

Mrs. Crandall is leading a fun and creative clay animation class. 

Ms. Feck captivates students with an exciting summer read. 

The gym/commons/cafeteria is being updated with a fresh coat of paint, a new color scheme and new stage curtains. 

Thank you to Miss Lowry and the PTA Ecology Club for planting hostas in the courtyard!

We have an awesome summer crew deep-cleaning every room and hallway in our building. 

Grounds are getting cleaned up and updated as well. This is the site of Dryden's future Welcome Garden!
It's been a quiet month in the office, but we have been able to organize many files and work on plans for making the 2013-2014 school year another great one for our students. 

I hope you are enjoying your summer days! Please send me pictures and stories of your summer adventures! 

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