Thursday, May 30, 2013

Principal Macy's Afternoon in Charge at Dryden School

Third grade student, Macy, won the ABC25 Foundation Raffle at Dryden to be principal for a half day. She did an outstanding job visiting classrooms, making announcements, Tweeting and supervising recess. Following are her words about her afternoon as principal of Dryden...

Principal Macy is sitting in her principal's office.

Mr.Deptula is playing a game with his class.

Principal Macy is opening the door to the courtyard.

Principal Macy is standing where the bridge is gonna be.

Principal Macy is speaking to the 1st graders.

Principal Macy's class wrote her notes about Dryden

Principal Macy is watching everybody at recess.

Principal Macy was eating a dolphin cookie.

Principal Macy is chatting with someone on the phone.

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