Friday, March 4, 2016

Courage & Creativity

Last week, the PTA brought us the Band of Steel program from Urban Gateways. Through their musical performance and storytelling, the performers shared an inspirational message of how the natives of Trinidad used courage and creativity to express themselves through rhythm and music, and as a result ended up creating the musical instrument, the steel drums. 

 Our students demonstrated lots of creativity on Career Dress Day! It was exciting to see all the future athletes, executives, architects, chefs, musicians, artists, engineers and doctors! We are really striving to instill courage and creativity in our students because they will likely be creating and pursuing careers that currently do not even exist. I wonder what the world of work will look like when they become adults. 

Our fourth and fifth grade students demonstrated courage in trying a new sport--volleyball! The PTA 4th/5th Grade Volleyball Night was a lot of fun for our students and families. The teamwork, encouragement, energy and effort among our students and families was WONDERFUL! 

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