Friday, February 19, 2016


Wow! Everywhere I go, I see students taking great pride in their learning!
This student is recording a description of a room she designed for math class. Everything is to scale, and she has carefully figured the dimensions, area and perimeter. She said she loves this math project because she feels like an architect!

It was a pleasant surprise to walk into this classroom to find a group of students who decided to write cards to the kindergarten students to tell them what a great job the kindergarteners did with morning announcements this week. How kind and caring!

This student was so proud to share the results of his science investigation with me when he tested how acetone affects styrofoam. Now, he is very curious about how acetone affects other materials, and has developed a list of items to test in the future. It is truly "wonder-full" that our students have opportunities to explore and research their own questions and interests. 

The students in this class were taking detailed notes about the history of Native Americans in Illinois. They were using a "jigsaw" method, where small groups of students become experts about specific topics, and then share what they learn with the rest of the class. What great team work!

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