Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hands-On, Minds-On Science

Some of my most rewarding moments in the classrooms are when I get to see the students actively engaged in learning science. There's always a lot of enthusiasm from the students as they explore and interact with their classmates during science classes. 

Our district's science curriculum is "inquiry"-based, meaning that it's intended to build from a child's sense of curiosity and wonder into learning how to learn.  It involves learning science concepts while applying the scientific method. It helps students move from observing what's happening to understanding why and how it's happening. 

Through science inquiry, students become more self-reflective and self-directed in their learning as they actively participate in the following processes:

WONDER: notice, ask questions, state problems
THINK: consider, gather information, predict
TRY: experiment, model, test ideas, repeat
OBSERVE: watch, examine, measure
RECORD: record data, organize, describe, classify, graph, draw
DISCOVER: look for patterns, interpret, reflect, communicate discoveries

It's truly an honor to be working in a school full of engineers, doctors, biologists, chemists, physicists, astronomers and inventors of the future!

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