Friday, September 5, 2014

Partners in Teaching and Learning

This past week, parents and teachers came together for Curriculum Night. It is a special night for parents to see their child's classroom and gain insights to the important learning that will take place throughout the school year. Teachers highlight the important academic and social-emotional learning outcomes as well as all the routines, procedures and expectations that make the school day run so smoothly for the children. It's amazing to hear all they will accomplish with the students in one short year. Parents understandably want to not only learn about the curriculum but also about their child's teacher, who will be spending six hours a day with their children and shaping their lives. As I walked through the hallways, I could not help but be touched by what I heard during the presentations:

"Our class becomes like a family during the school year."
"All the children help to make the rules in our classroom."
"I want all of the children to love reading and learning."
"Children will have many opportunities to be challenged and learn at their instructional levels."
"I believe every child has the right to feel secure and confident."
"It's okay to make mistakes."
"We work together to support your child."

It makes me so proud to know that Dryden is a school where we not only share high expectations for learning, but also work as a team with our parents and fellow teachers to provide a warm, personalized, nurturing environment for children!

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