Friday, April 11, 2014

Imagine the Possibilities!

Dryden students were treated to two very special assemblies sponsored by our PTA this week. Assemblies like these inspire us to imagine the possibilities of what we can accomplish with our lives. Author Andrea Beatty opened our eyes to how she finds inspiration and ideas for the books she writes. She read excerpts from the books she wrote and actively involved students in storytelling. In preparation for Andrea's visit, many children participated in a lunchtime book club to read and discuss books written by the author. Later in the evening, students visited Andrea at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library to get their books autographed by her. What a wonderful opportunity to meet this celebrity! 

Children were awed by the stunts and talents of the Chicago Boyz Acrobatics Team. Founder Tim Shaw shared a valuable message about the important role that education plays in the lives of each member of this team. Dedication, hard work, healthy choices, positive relationships and a solid academic education opened many doors of opportunity to these performers. As a result of their efforts, this acrobatic team has been able to travel to different places around the world and perform on national television shows. We were all very inspired by the team's energy and enthusiasm! 

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