Thursday, March 13, 2014

Teachnology and More!

On Wednesday, evening our school district held its first Teachnology Fair. It was delightful! Students led presentations and poster-sessions about different technology tools they use to enhance their learning and creativity.  I learned about so many wonderful new ways to use technology.

 "Grab It" is a great tool for importing images into your presentations.

You can design, play and share your own computer games at

The Fugleflicks Art Club showed how they used the Doink Green Screen app to incorporate human video with student-illustrated animation. 

Blabberize brought a slide show research project on dingos to life. The dingos "spoke" facts about themselves in a student-recorded Australian accent. How clever!

Scratch is a kid-friendly program that teaches computer-coding to create animations, stories and games. 

 4th & 5th Grade Volleyball Night was a blast. The evening was full of friendly competition, teamwork and fun. I was so proud of our students, because for many, this was their first time playing volleyball. 

 Thanks to the many PTA moms and dads who volunteered their time to make this such a great experience for the children. They were awesome coaches, referees, scorekeepers, concession stand workers and time keepers! 

 Schools all across the state practice tornado drills this time of year. 
Our students know how to play it safe!

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