Thursday, February 20, 2014

February Festivities

Can you believe we celebrated the 100th Day of School?! There was lots to count, group and sort on this special day! Some classes dressed up like they were 100 years old and wrote about what it will be like to reach this age. What a valuable opportunity for young children to become aware that learning, making a positive impact and enjoying what life has to offer can happen at any age!

Valentines Day was a special time to celebrate friendship and express our appreciation of others creatively. Students wrote funny stories with phrases on candy hearts, played cooperative games, constructed creative mailboxes, and much more! Many thanks to our wonderful, supportive parent volunteers for making this a special day for children.

The Ecology Club also celebrated by creating these beautiful terrariums for the school office. I was so impressed by how careful the children were in putting these together through such a tiny opening in the jar. The children thoroughly explained how this terrarium sustains itself with its own water cycle. They are learning and doing great things to care for our planet in so many ways!

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