Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reading, Research and Inquiry

Walking through school today, it was so impressive to see students of all grade levels engrossed in close reading, research and inquiry.

Fifth grade students were discussing and writing about "words worth noticing" as they read about the various human body systems. It was great to see them identifying relevant, complex academic vocabulary to help them comprehend important information. This is much more meaningful and students have more ownership of their learning compared to when students are given a list of vocabulary words to look up and define. 

I learned so much about Australia from these second grade researchers. They were so articulate in their description of the geography, climate, animals and culture of this unique country. The collaboration in questioning and sharing discoveries of new information was inspirational!

First and second grade students narrow and identify topics of interest and formulate questions as they delve more deeply into their research on dinosaurs.   

Inquiry is the foundation of our science curriculum. First grade students ask and then make predictions about what will happen when two magnets are put together. 

Fourth grade students investigate differences in weight and mass as matter changes into different states. 

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