Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bully Prevention Strategies

At Dryden, we are always striving to ensure the safest and most caring environment for students. Throughout the month of April I am visiting each classroom to talk to the children about Bully Prevention strategies. Having the same message about common strategies and protocols throughout the whole school empowers our students and enables our staff to be a consistent, positive support to one another.

Bullies often do what they do because they are able to get attention from others by using hurtful words or actions. The strategies that we encourage empower students to prevent a bully from getting that attention and continuing hurtful behavior.

Here are the steps we encourage the children to take, whether they feel they are being bullied or see someone else being bullied:

1. Tell the bully to "STOP" in a firm voice.
2. If the bully does not stop, immediately WALK away.
3. If the bully continues, TALK to the nearest staff member immediately.

Students are assured that if at any time they feel the problem might be serious, to immediately talk to the nearest staff member. In serious situations, they should skip the first two steps.

The students in each classroom are doing a great job practicing and gaining confidence in using these strategies through role-playing.

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