Monday, January 28, 2013

A Future-Focused Vision

During the first half of this school year, the Dryden staff has been coming together to update our school mission and vision. This is an important task because the school mission/vision is the foundation for all of our decision-making and school improvement efforts. Initially, we spent some time reviewing the district WIRED framework to identify areas of strength and areas for focus at Dryden.

Mr. Robinson, our assistant principal, took all of the staff feedback and created a Wordle to capture all the strengths of Dryden School. 

Next, staff creatively brainstormed and shared future-focused ideas for the kind of school we want to strive towards being. Here is a compilation of what they created:

Last, several volunteers helped to wordsmith a succinct mission and vision statement for Dryden Elementary School:

“Dryden School inspires students to become empowered and reflective global
citizens of the 21st Century through dynamic learning experiences that promote

innovation, collaboration and persistent problem solving.”

We are very proud of our new mission and vision statement! Being new to Dryden, this was a wonderful process to help me get to know people's school values and ideals. It is truly an honor to be working with such talented, dedicated individuals. 

We are currently working on developing our school technology philosophy. Referring to our school mission and vision has been a helpful part of this process as well. 

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